The Company

Zamagias Properties was founded in 1987 by Michael G. Zamagias. The company has continued to provide high-quality services in real estate ventures—including development, property management, leasing, and consulting. Zamagias seeks to create and enhance a positive environment that promotes the success of businesses in the cities they occupy.

Tenants of Zamagias Properties, whether national companies, regional chains, or independent stores, are attracted to the superior level of leasing and management service found at Zamagias. Giant Eagle, Kohl’s, IKEA, T.J. Maxx, Marshall’s, and Starbucks are a few of tenants who have found Zamagias Properties to be synonymous with premiere properties, focused research, and services that exceed the client’s expectations.

Zamagias Properties has also recently begun to seek out development opportunities in the student-housing sector. With successful student-housing projects at Virginia Commonwealth University (Richmond, VA) and Bethany College (Bethany, WV)—as well as preliminary designs for other schools—Zamagias can bring significant experience and capital to student-housing projects, while also remaining sensitive to the unique needs of every school.

Zamagias Properties currently manages over 2 million square feet in retail, office, mixed-use, and student-housing properties and continues to seek out additional development opportunities in a wide range of business ventures.

Besides the real estate business, throughout the years Michael Zamagias has also become involved in other business ventures. Most notably, he has become involved in Healthcare Technology, Banking/Finance, and the Energy Development. Under Mr. Zamagias’ direction, these additional business ventures have seen remarkable success in their various industries.