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A uniquely positioned, multi-faceted company poised for growth

Zamagias has seen remarkable success in the multiple business ventures, including commercial real estate, healthcare technology, banking and finance, and energy development.

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Superior Real Estate Service

Zamagias Properties currently owns and/or manages nearly 2 million square feet of retail, office, mixed-use, and student-housing properties.

With their dedication to creating and sustaining positive business environments, Zamagias Properties has attracted a variety of tenants through their superior level of leasing, property management, and development services.

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Healthcare Technology

Zamagias has experienced strong success in its investments in healthcare technology. Zamagias encourages innovative technological solutions to improve both the efficiency and the efficacy of the provision of healthcare.

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Financial Expertise

Zamagias has a deep understanding of the intricacies of the financial and banking industries. This knowledge is evident in many ways, most clearly through the integral role Zamagias played in the founding and managing of the Pennsylvania Capital Bank through the 1990’s.

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Energy Development

Zamagias has cultivated an interest in the development and production of energy through the formation of outside partnerships to locate and drill natural gas and oil wells.

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